Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds give linearity to a room and provide a seamless finish when matched with the walls well. We offer an endless range of exquisite vertical blind in a dazzling array of textures, colors and designs. Check out the latest designs on honeycomb blinds and curtains, highest quality Basswood wood blind and shade (cedar blinds and timber vertical), Venetian blinds for windows, wooden Venetian blinds and shades, bamboo roll up blinds, daybreak window blinds etc. Check out the latest window treatment features and elegant Basswood horizontal blinds here.

Features of Vertical Blinds

  1. The vertical overlapping panels of the vertical blinds allow free movement of air while blocking light.
  2. The unique design of vertical blinds allow the right amount of control over light-filtering.
  3. The synthetic sheets of the vertical blinds lightly overlap and hence are ideal to control light yet allow free movement of fresh air.
  4. It is embellished with mechanized chains for swift control. Its mechanized sheet-pulling system gives a swift and easy-to-use control over the movement of panels.
  5. Available in a wide variety of designs, colors and materials giving you a wide range to choose the best suited blinds for your decor.